Employment Information
Available Positions:
Facilitator (Planning, writing and conducting lectures for training programs)

Please review the following 5 qualifications carefully. We encourage anyone whose background corresponds with these qualifications to apply for this position, regardless of experience level, place of residence, etc. Provided you have access to a suitable remote work environment you can work from any location of your choosing.
The 5 Required Qualifications
1. Empathy & Respect
Our company provides diversity training. For us, differences are not barriers but instead a source of power. This concept is easy to talk about but difficult to put into practice. We are seeking individuals who understand and can display this approach through both their words and actions.

2. Commitment
We are looking for people who truly believe that diversity education is necessary for creating a better world.

3. Expertise
We are seeking candidates who can display practical achievements, educational achievements, or hold a bachelor's degree, etc., in the field of diversity, culture, leadership, communication, and human resource development.

4. Fluency in both Japanese and English
We require our team members to be fluent in both Japanese and English. It is important that candidates are able to participate in business meetings in both Japanese and English and are also able to understand and write communications in both languages. Candidates who also speak one or more other language are also encouraged to apply.

5. Cooperative capacity
Our diverse team members are from a wide range of backgrounds (cultural, national, ethnic, language, beliefs etc.). Team members need to be able to communicate clearly to any audience and have the IT skills and responsiveness to use collaboration tools on top of basic business applications.
Application Process
As a first step, we ask that you contact us by sending a message via the contact form on our website. We will reply as soon as we are able and provide you with further information on the interview and selection process.
Corporate Business Partners
If your corporation is interested in seeking a business alliance, as either a training agency or as a training sales agent that handles our training, please get in touch with us via the contact form on our website. We will respond as quickly as possible. (Partnerships are limited to corporations)